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Bridal Hair Culture was founded in 2012 by two empowered hairdressers, Danielle and Deanne. With years of experience in the industry and Certificate 3 and Certificate 4 qualifications the talented duo shared a passion for creating sophisticated hair for their brides and clients and endeavoured upon filling a gap in the Bridal Hair Industry. Prior to Danielle and Deanne’s Bridal Hair Business adventure they enjoyed crafting beautiful hair for their clients for a range of events; weddings, formals and special occasions. It was only a matter of time before Bridal Hair Culture was servicing Sydney and its surrounds, Greater NSW and International Clients.

The highly skilled team are renowned for their “attention to detail” and carefully creating the ideal look for you for any occasion from start to finish. Danielle and Deanne strongly believe that “every style we create is personalised to our individual client, leaving them feeling beautiful and wearing a style with complete confidence!’’ We pride ourselves on creating the perfect look for our clients and ensure all our clients are completely satisfied on their special day.

Bridal Hair Styling has always been a passion of Danielle and Deanne’s. The BHC team carefully tailor packages to suit your needs so that your wedding preparation deadlines are met making way for a smooth and enjoyable wedding morning. The team at BHC are friendly and supportive. We strongly believe that on your Wedding Day you should feel and look like the most beautiful version of yourself!

With the success of Bridal Hair Culture, our team have used their knowledge and expertise to create a luxury range of premium hair extensions designed specifically for people wanting that show stopping style. Having the experience behind us we knew exactly what we wanted to achieve; from a professional point and the quality of the products that our clientele wanted to have access to. By combining these factors together BHC XTENDED was brought to life.

Creating a range of hair extensions was essential to expand the high service that Bridal Hair Culture provides to our clients. Overall, we are able to reach new heights and goals with our clients using our BHC XTENDED clip in hair extensions. We believe in quality hair products and tools and made it a priority that our extensions met this criteria. Our customised range has been designed to cater for clients with ultra fine hair up to our naturally thick hair clients. Essentially, this is what our range is about, a premium product for all hair types!

We thank all our beautiful clients and customers who support our business. We cherish the friendship that our business is built upon and will continue to expand and flourish throughout the industry as a team.

Bridal Hair Culture By

Deanne & Danielle

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