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1B - Dark Ash Brown

Beige Blonde

Golden Brown Ombre

Metal Grey

#3 - Warm Brown

Platinum Blonde

#18 - Golden Blonde

#2 - Natural Brown

How to apply your
hair extensions?


Hair Care

After use please brush through and store neatly in the box provided. Only wash if the hair feels tacky due to product. If you wash the hair, very gently run shampoo through the hair in a downward motion. Do not matte or scrub excessively to avoid knots. Rinse out the shampoo and apply conditioner or a treatment through the ends, rinse out and then either blowdry or hang indoors and let dry naturally. Do not store wet in the box.

If you choose to colour or tone your hair extensions, please use a professional hair dresser. Do not use home colour and do not bleach the hair.

When using hot styling tools, we recommend the temperature no higher than 120 degrees for the blonde hair extensions and 150 degrees for the dark hair extensions.